Life of the Sun

Space is one of the most fascinating things that we think about. Understanding that there could be a home milllions of miles away where the brightest stars shine has perplexed and inspired people for millenia. The 1900’s saw remarkable achievements with the first man on the moon and the unprecedented space exploration taking place now will only expand our horizons beyond our wildest dreams. BioNima is where the go to place to learn about the Milky Way with all of its stars and all of planetary aspects that make life possible on Earth. We take a look at the latest trends in space exploration and dare to comprehend the technology of outer space. Whether its Nasa , SpaceX or Blue Origin, we follow the latest happenings and hope to inspire the future with quality content.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

― Neil Armstrong

On BioNima you can expect to find:
  • Space parks, research centers, landmarks and events near you.
  • Information about planets, starts and bodies in the Milky way and beyond..
  • The latest space trends and content on how planets work.
  • Technological profiles about the latest achievements of modern science that will help us achieve live beyond our planet.