Medicine Unmasked

Our bodies are such complex things. We have systems of bones, organs, musles, tissues, cells and more that work together in harmony to allow us to live and a mind to keep everything in harmony. What happens when one of these systems stops working? We turn to our local medic to help use get better with medicine. Medicine has evolved in so many ways from the early days of herbs and fire to the modern day drugs, chemicals and surgeries. Medicsz helps to understand what we are made of and how we work, diseases that affect us and the medicine we are given to treat our problems. Giving the knowledge of yourself to yourself, gives you the power to help yourself.
The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it. -Hippocrates
On Medicsz you can expect to find:
  • Hospitals, clinics, dentists, medical organization and events near you.
  • Physical as well mental diseases/disorders and how they effect you.
  • Information about our body and the various systems that make us up.
  • Profiles and content about drugs, herbs, remedies, surgeries and procedures.