The Rhythm of your Soul

Remember being young and having fun drawing, painting, singing, dancing and expressing yourself without a care in the world? Most adults can’t because life gets tough and as we grow up responsibilites become a thing. Creative work rarely has rhyme or reason because; most of the time what you see, hear , feel and sense is the creator’s soul embedded into their work. Muszic is for anyone and everyone to discover the many forms forms of art; whether it be the latest tunes, groovy dance beats, mind-boggling art , chiseled scuplture or even the portals of poetry/books. The muses of the world come together on Muszic to help you discover and enjoy their works of art. Discover your taste in the arts and enjoy the sublminal emotional spike form embracing creativity.
Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up -Pablo Picasso
On Muszic you can expect to find:
  • Concerts, art shows, festivals, speakeasies, shows and other events.
  • Schools, venues, galleries and muesuems to discover art near you.
  • Profiles of painters, muscisians, poets, authors and other artists along with their work.
  • Articles, books,content and the fundmentals about various types of art.