Growth Beyond Perception

No one laughs at God in a hospital. No one laughs at God in a war. No one is laughing at God when they’re starving, freezing or even when they’re kid isn’t back from a late party. Thing is though, when we are laughing at God; God is laughing with us. Let it sink in. Theologyz isn’t a place where we challenge the faith of others, its not a place where we challenge other belief systems or judge cultures for what society has passed down through the ages. Theologyz is a modern bipartisan place where we try to understand religions around the world, discover myths and legends, understand the basis of faith and explore culture like never before. Come explore your spirit with us you’ll be suprised what your Patronus charm looks like.

I won’t let you choke on that noose around your neck.

― Hari

On Theologyz you can expect to find:
  • Religious organizations such as churchs, temples, mosques, synagogues and more near you.
  • Figures, myths and stories of old as well as excerpts and intepretations of religious works.
  • Tools to explore spirtuality and the fusion of culture and religion.
  • Holidays, festivals and other events.