HI! I'm Hari and I made The Zocial Network. My job for the next year is to get you to trust me and The Zocial Network, you'll find me writing content, interviewing people, visiting organizations and more throughout our various social channels.


Preparing Tommorrow Generation
Technology is going to change the very way we live in a very fundamental way. Expectations and our very way of life is going to be challenged, but The Zocial Network will be here as a guiding resource.


Not from the 1900's
The topics we discuss and the concepts we introduce are catered for tommorrows students and are designed to be practical. We expose the young to a variety of topics so they can have a healthy, contributable life to society.


Saving our Fellow Creatures
As precious as Earth is, our wildlife is going to take a significant hit as human expansion occurs. Zoptiks is the premier technology company working with zoological organizations and agencies around the world to conserve, compute and retain scientific principles and knowledge from animals.


Artificial Intelligence to enhance humanity.
At Zoptiks we use machine learning extensively throughout subsets of our marketing and analytics systems and are actively developing THEO - a Tertiary Heuristic Element Organizer. It's kind of like raising and teaching the first child, one who you know is far more capable than you are.