Hi! My name is Hari.

If you're reading sometime in 2019, you probably have known me from some part of our lives before. You also probably know of a project I started called Zoptiks back in 2017 where I was making digital zoo maps. The truth is I failed at that venture… in fact, I failed multiple times, 4 to be exact.

Throughout my rollercoaster of failure, I've learned a lot and looking back, I realize this is the only way I've actually learned anything in my entire life. Once you been through the wringer a couple of times with nothing much to show for, it's easy to hit rock bottom; broke, incomeless, and a dried-up well of people you once knew.

What was I trying to do?

The curious thing is it's at this very point that I was forced to evaluate what it is I was really trying to do. Was I trying to replace paper zoo maps? Was I trying to get more people into zoos? Or was it that I was trying to make a buck off a seemingly good idea.

I was trying to teach the world about about my curiosity in wildlife.

After shortening that last phrase and digging a little deeper I was trying to connect with people just as curious as me. Voila, by March 2019 I had the early concept of The Zocial Network and the journey to building it let me pluck 9 other stars out of the sky. I honed my skills, refined my mindset, bootstrapped resources and gritted my energy while building my own personal toolbox. That journey was the most challenging thing I've ever face in my life… no one really tells you how hard, lonely or dejected the creative process can get.

I think at this point it'd be easier if I just explain to you what Zocial, so I'll continue this monologue after you get a chance to check out the video and gallery below.

A Brief Description of The Zocial Network

Welcome back, and I hope you got a better understanding of what I'm trying to do now. In short, The Zocial Network is where the curious come to learn about everything they don't teach in school through experience. 10 niche platforms connect our curious to local organizations such as zoos, farmer's markets, spirituality, car dealerships, solar installer, space agencies, hospitals, universities, gun ranges and more so they can actually experience their education.

On the business side, we make mini "websites" for these niche organizations which are really beneficial for digital marketing. All of this is tied up with our centralized morsels of knowledge where we drop articles, interviews, case studies, videos and plain old research to help people start better conversations. Where parents are actively introducing new concepts to their children, where teachers are crossing uncharted boundaries and where Generation Z is stepping into oceans that don't wet their feet.

As I get closer and closer to having an MVP (minimum viable product), I realize that its time for me to come out of my cave now, the easiest way to get started with Zocial would be to subscribe to the newsletter below, where I'll keep you updated with news, events, deals and more.

Feel free to check out the website at https://zocial.life or jump into a few morsels at https://morsels.zocial.life.